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Welcome to Zeal Coaching!

I’m Christy Shell, M. Ed., Owner and founder of Zeal Coaching for Life and Career, where we help you create a life that rocks–your life of Zeal!

Passion Igniter, Fear Buster and Success Instigator, I am the person you call when you want more passion, meaning and success in your life, career or business.

Are you just starting out and confused about your future direction?

Facing a milestone in your life?

Going through a career transition?

Trying to engage yourself and employees to live and work bigger?

Let me be your guide.

Zeal Coaching’s mission is to assist people and organizations to realize their incredible potential and learn how to unleash that potential in the most meaningful way to them.

THE KEY to unlocking and living an awesome life every day is discovering and aligning your deeper truer self with your actions.

I have more than 20 years’ experience facilitating personal development as well as corporate team & leadership retreats, certifications in Career, Life and Executive Coaching and hundreds of incredible clients. I have watched one after another embrace their life and create results and satisfaction.

Most of my clients started with an underlying feeling of fear, dissatisfaction, or disconnection to their own lives. They felt as if they were going through the motions, living without direction or purpose, and they were unclear how they could contribute to the world in their own unique ways.

The truth is we all want our lives to matter; we all want to be valued and to contribute to a higher purpose.

The good news is it is completely possible…especially for you.

Are you ready to live a life you love? To live with ZEAL?

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